About Dr. Gimpel

U.S. Board Certified Psychiatrist and Neurologist with medical licenses in both America and Israel. Dr. Gimpel has developed a comprehensive proven approach to treat ADHD. This system uses targeted brain exercises to stimulate neuronal growth and development in the areas of the brain where lagging skills cause inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, while simultaneously teaching negotiation and problem- solving skills. Dr. Gimpel is in a unique position to understand and implement this comprehensive approach, he comes from a family with four generations suffering from ADHD, including himself in the second generation. “Hands on” experience combined with professional expertise have led to a multi-faceted approach to the successful treatment of ADHD and the gradual elimination of medication.

Dr. Gimpel's book entitled Brain Exercises to Cure ADHD will be published this year in English, Hebrew and Russian. To help parents and professionals to gain the skills to HELP THE ADHD child, seminars will be conducted throughout the year in different locations in Israel, as well as the United States.

This is not the first time a fresh new approach to treatment has improved the prognosis of Dr. Gimpel's patients. During the 1980’s, he established the first out-patient hospital for chemical dependency in the U.S. that was approved by the Hospital Association of America. This revolutionary approach allowed many chemically dependent adolescents and adults with ADHD to receive more effective treatment and to overcome the addictions that impaired their lives.

As director of the adolescent day program at Brawner Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, he developed a new program to help adolescents deal with the many challenges they were facing. The kids were returned to their school and home environments rather than extensive hospitalization. In the late afternoon, they would come to the program to develop strong coping mechanisms to manage the stresses they encountered during the day As director of the Marriage and Sex Counseling Clinic at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Gimpel designed techniques to help couples where one or both were suffering from ADHD symptoms. Adult ADHD affects not only job performance but impacts personal and intimate relationships. Dr. Gimpel has a broad base of experience in helping those whose potential has been impaired by ADHD across all age and socio-economic groups. This combined with his daily personal struggle with ADHD as a child and young adult has given him fresh insight into how to permanently reduce ADHD symptoms and gradually remove the need for any medication while building a quicker more effective brain in those with ADHD.