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In the ADHD brain, there are areas that are lagging in development. Some of the symptoms of this are impulsivity, inattention and immaturity. Breakthrough research confirms that targeted mental and physical exercises actually cause these areas of the brain to grow. The goal of Dr. Gimpel's book is to coach parents on the strategies and methods that will help their child develop a sophisticated, quicker and more flexible brain while elevating their confidence and self esteem. This program can be modified to fit each child's talents, abilities and interests. There is no need for expensive equipment and parents can be trained to do everything a professional would do and even do it better because they are in contact with their child for hours every day. Ordinary events and conversations can be used to develop more sophisticated thinking skills and problem solving approaches to re-enforce the targeted mental and physical exercises that will be a part of a daily routine. There has never been a time to be more optimistic about curing ADHD. This book is about empowering parents to do just that. Adolescents and adults can also master techniques to help them academically, socially and professionally by building a better brain and these methods are discussed in detail.

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As of the beginning of January you can order the book through Amazon or buy it at any book store in Israel

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