"The seminar was well organized, clear, informative, good examples, and lots tools given to help solve problems"
Netanya, Dec '08

"I am grateful for the greater awareness and information. I feel very motivated to pursue."
Modi'in, Dec. '08

"Very good seminar, well organized, [Dr. Gimpel is] very generous with his time, very accessible to students. Kol Ha’Kavod!"
Ashdod, Dec. '08

"The seminar changed my outlook and caused me to understand better and change, or rather improve, my approach, which will increase the motivation and self-confidence of my children."
Netanya, Dec. ’08

"Very effective, important and eye-opening"
Netanya, Dec. ’08

"A seminar that provides a tool-kit to facing the issues"
Ashdod, Dec. ’08

"I enjoyed [the seminar] very much, [Dr Gimpel] has greatly enriched my knowledge"
Ramat-Gan, Dec. ’08

"I am very satisfied with the seminar, since I have acquired new tools to dealing with various situations"
Ramat-Gan, Dec. ’08

"I treat children with ADHD and the tools I have acquired in the seminar are wonderful, providing me with a better understanding of the difficulties and an ability to implement [the tools]"
Ramat-Gan, Dec. ’08

"The seminar was enthralling and given methodically, which helps to absorb the information. Starting with the first session I was captivated by the knowledge, experience and caring [Dr Gimpel] had shown. The seminar provides a sense of mission – passing this important information to as many people as possible in order to enable parents to deal with and help their children"
Netanya, Dec. ’08

"The information was provided in an engaging manner, and the theory was important as well, since it was explained in a simple and understandable manner which is easy to remember."
Modi’in, Dec. ’08

"The important [part] was the practical tools – this is the first seminar I have attended which provided me with so many practical tools and follow-up tools, including the option to receive personal phone-consultations. It is very special worthy."
Modi’in, Dec. ’08

"Eye-opening and definitely creates new ways of thinking. There Is no doubt that the method requires a lot of effort, but I think that the implementation will be satisfactory and helpful. The material is provided in an engaging and clear manner"
Modi’in, Dec. ’08

"I benefited so much from the course and from your book. I have recommended your methods, the course and your book to many people. It is wonderful learning the research and breakthroughs that are being made in this field which is re-enforcing, enlightening and inspiring. Thank you so much for bringing this to Israel."
Naomi B. December 2007

"The seminar gave me a lot of new information and new methods to deal with my son. Now I am looking at the frustration of my son in a different way. I feel I can deal with it in the home better."
Shira W. December 2007

"The seminar, “Brain Exercises: The Secret for Success” was excellent. The material was presented in a clear and easy way to understand. I have learned a lot and began to implement what I have learned."
Iris I. December 2007

"I have enjoyed the seminars. The home assignments help me implement what was learned. My family already starts to feel relieved as we know what to do to help the situation."
Naomi M. December 2007

"I enjoyed Dr. Gimpel’s seminar. It was a pleasure to hear Dr. Gimpel present the seminar in such a pleasant and warm way. You can tell that he cares and really tries to help everyone in the group."
Rivka A. December 2007-12-26

"I highly recommend Dr. Gimpel’s seminar: Brain Exercise-The Secret to Success. He gives the audience so much motivation and energy in addition to all the teaching of his new methods. Some time I feel frustrated that I can not implement everything I learned in the seminar."
Aviva S. December 2007

"The seminar gave me a lot of information and tools to manage my ADHD child. For the first time I understand what is ADHD and what causes it. For the first time I am able to understand my child. I hope with God’s help I can implement the new methods Dr. Gimpel presented in the seminar."
Ema T. December 2007