What Is BET?

BET is a major component in Dr. Gimpel's comprehensive treatment approach. Exercising the brain, through targeted vigorous mental and physical exercises, is the way to make permanent positive changes in brain function. These exercises must be intense and become part of the child's daily routine. The more sophisticated the exercises, the greater the improvement. The brain can change, grow and become quicker and stronger in exactly the areas where skills are lagging in the ADHD brain. When we speak of curing ADHD, we really mean stimulating the brain to its full potential and overcoming these developmental delays.

BET entails both physical and mental exercises:

Physical Exercises: All vigorous physical exercise is helpful, but the greater gain is from exercise that involves strategy, planning, balance and discipline. All vigorous physical exercise is helpful but the greater gain is from exercise that involves strategy, planning, balance and discipline.  Mental Exercises: Mental exercise is a crucial component of this program. We will demonstrate how to turn conversations with your child into learning experiences. These will allow your child to develop more reflective ways of thinking, greater impulse control and a pattern of referring to the past to determine future actions. In addition, games can be used as mental stimulation to help these areas of the brain grow. You can custom design a program to fit the interests and talents of your child.

There is no single activity that "works" but rather a multi-pronged approach to stimulate the brain to grow, increase neuronal connections and re-enforce thinking skills.

These are the keys to correcting ADHD symptoms and eliminating the need for medication.